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    We bring together experience and effort to always come up with the best solution and help you achieve it in any phase of your project. By specializing in particularly resource intensive topics, we always aim on saving you time. Allowing you to focus on your core business.

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    When it comes to home automation, don't settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That's what A-Knowledge delivers each time again.

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Our services


We specialize in developing drivers for third party devices and advanced logic modules to implement any complex custom programming requirement.


We fill the gap between IT and AV to come up with a trustworthy network that is designed by today's standards.


We put together our combined experience to support you in any way possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your project during design, implementation or after completion.

Crestron Programming

This is an interesting project, but all my programmers are busy.

I'm stuck trying to control that not-so-standard alarm system.

Wow, this customer really is looking for some complex functionality.

A-Knowledge delivers high quality, onsite and offsite Crestron programming at a reasonable price. We always support our customer with all means necessary and push through to the final result.

Contact us for setting up and guiding your programmer through all phases of the project. We deliver the necesary modules and work out a concept for you to build on in your current project and the next ones.

Crestron Programming


My iPad keeps losing connectivity.

VLAN, SSID, WireShark, UDP broadcasting, LWAPP, ... WTF?

Should I invest in more advanced network equipment?

A-Knowledge brings together the best of two worlds to deliver high end installations where IT and AV work seamlessly together. No wireless devices that keep loosing their connection, no AV processors that slow down or crash due to network overload, instead a trustworthy network designed by todays standards.

Not only can we help you design and implement new systems, we also offer our support to debug, improve and/or fine-tune existing networks. A-Knowledge always invests in professional products and software to provide you with best in class results at the right cost. We can dig into our profound experience in monitoring IT infrastructures analyzing data streams and solving network problems.



I could use some help with my first Crestron Digital Media system.

First it was just slow, now the processor even reboots. What's going on?

The last mile is the longest one. The customer is losing faith.

A-Knowledge provides top level support in your Crestron projects, both residential and commercial. We offer several years of experience in heading an international support team to always provide you and your customer with a fast and decent solution.

We are available to meet you on site and assist you "hands on", discuss different aspects of the installation with any contact you deem relevant (IT company, third party manufacturer, end user, ...) and work together with all parties to get the issue resolved.

A-knowledge Support

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Meet our team

A-Knowledge was founded beginning 2012 by Niko Brasseur and Kevin Huysegoms, both former employees at Crestron International HQ in Europe.
Heading the Crestron technical departments across the EMEA region for several years, we've gained extensive experience in managing a customer oriented team. Specifically, introducing and maintaining the Advanced Technical Support Group in the European market has often placed us in high pressure situations that needed to be addressed in the most pro-active yet technically reliable manner, without losing customer focus.

Kevin Huysegoms

Project Management
Crestron DMC-D, DMC-T, DMC-E
Cisco Certified Network Analist (CCNA)
InfoComm CTS
Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

Bart Van Dyck

Project Leader
Crestron Certified Programmer
InfoComm CTS
KNX Certified Programmer
Crestron DMC-E-4K

Robin Huysegoms

Project Leader
Crestron Certified Programmer
Cisco Certified Network Analist (CCNA)
Crestron DMC-D, DMC-T, DMC-E – 4K

Philippe Van Mullem

Software developer
Master in ICT (Cum Laude)
C# specialist
Microsoft Certified Professional

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