Based in Belgium, A-Knowledge is a Crestron service provider and software development company, known for upholding the highest standards of service.

We specialize in automation, AV and integration.

With over 25 years of Crestron experience under our belt, we focus on developing software, offering dedicated support, and delivering expert consultancy.

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Our core offerings encompass support, bespoke software solutions, and expert consultancy within the Crestron realm. With a deep-rooted understanding of Crestron systems and a passion for excellence, our services cater to a diverse range of project requirements.

Our ultimate aim? To fine-tune every Crestron project we undertake, ensuring each component works in harmony, resonating with both functionality and innovation. At A-Knowledge, we don't just make Crestron systems work; we make them sing.

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Absolutely! If you're midway in a project and things seem tangled, we’re the experts you call. We dive deep, refining and rejuvenating existing code to ensure it performs at its peak.

Beyond creating new solutions, we're skilled at diving into existing codes, ensuring your previous investments are enhanced and prolonged.

But you also provide full blown software solutions ?

"Indeed, we do! Beyond support, our team crafts sophisticated software solutions tailored for the marine sector. It's the future of Crestron, and we're leading the charge.

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Our Pack platform allows us to rapidly roll out large scale, intuitive and stable Crestron solutions.

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Our new HTML5 layouts are designed to run on any device

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A full blown ETO back-end allowing on site personnel to maintain and support their installation

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What about consultancy ?

Spot on! Our consultancy services bridge gaps and provide clarity.

Whether you need guidance on the best approach, mediation between clients and programmers, or even between programmers themselves, we're the trusted advisors making sure all parties are in tune.


Of course! At A-Knowledge, our expertise doesn't stop at software solutions and support. We offer specialized training sessions tailored for AV integrators, programmers, and on-site personnel. For manufacturers, we craft specific Crestron drivers to ensure seamless integration. Need something more unique? We're adept at creating custom mini-apps to fit your specific needs.

Want a glimpse of our innovation in action? Head over to our YouTube channel or follow us on our socials. We're always sharing our latest R&D endeavors, and we love to keep our community updated.

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Well, we're proud to share that we've rendered our services for 3 of the top 5 largest yachts globally. Furthermore, our Pack platform is operational in over 1,300 rooms worldwide, gracing yachts, residences, and office spaces alike. Our work speaks for itself, and our client base showcases the trust and reliability we've cultivated over the years.

But still we found some nice people to say a good word…

“… The Crestron control solution, with its HAL server, has given us the power to control and customize our entire setup effortlessly, even in the middle of the sea. The flexibility it offers in routing sources and the ease of operation are second to none. …”

— AV IT, 100m yacht

“We partnered with A Knowledge several years ago to develop a highly complex Crestron satellite module for a 100M+ superyacht. The module controlled and monitored 13 different satellite antennas and 2 large RF matrices. Niko designed, engineering and commissioned the full system in record time and testament to that, we have never rebooted the processor in more than 4 years, it just worked. If you require something simple or very complex, Niko and the A Knowledge team make it look easy and I would highly recommend them.”

— Clark Dyke, Founder / Managing Director, Titan Marine Networks

“I have met Niko in 2018, when we worked on two refit projects together. In comparison to other Crestron programmers, Niko stood out immediately thanks to his very structured and systematic approach, which made it very easy to work with him. Thanks to his quick thinking and clear communication and with his Pack platform that lets the system scale in a most organised way, applying any changes becomes quick and easy. His control solution has been proven over the years in many projects as the perfect match for nexgentec, the scalable audio over IP system. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Niko to any integrator who is looking for a highly talented, calm and professional Crestron expert”

— Rico Vögeli, CEO, Genesis Technologies

“During a pivotal moment in our yacht delivery, we were confronted with a challenging Crestron programming situation. Despite their packed schedule, A-Knowledge came to our rescue. They quickly transformed our system into a state-of-the-art Crestron setup that surpassed our expectations, ensuring the longevity of the installation. They are the best Crestron programmers I have ever worked with. I wholeheartedly recommend A-Knowledge for all Crestron programming endeavors. Their support was a game-changer for our project.”

— Jochen Dom, Director, Yacht Audio

“Recently we prepared to showcase our Crestron drivers at ISE. We found ourselves in need of a demonstration program that would effectively display our PDU capabilities to the crowd.

This is where A-Knowledge stepped in and made a great job: They proved not only their experience in Crestron system development but also their dedication to fostering mutual growth within the industry.”

— Philip Gude, Chief Sales Officer, Gude Systems



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